Manage your fleet, maximize your profit

With GPS fleet management from Quarles you can drive efficiency across your business by harnessing the power of your data. Whether you have a few work vehicles or hundreds of trucks, our flexible solutions provide the visibility and control you need to manage your fleet more effectively.

Smarter Decisions with Real-Time Data
  • State mileage for IFTA
  • EOBR/logging
  • Driver ID/key fobs
  • Equipment tracking
  • Trailer tracking
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Mapping software
  • MPG statistics
  • Historical data
Improved Safety and Efficiency with Alerts
  • Idle time alerts
  • Posted speed alerts
  • Hard braking and rapid acceleration alerts
  • After-hours vehicle usage
  • Underutilized vehicle identification
Support When You Need It
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Speed history
  • Nationwide stolen vehicle recovery
  • One point of contact for customer service
Valuable Time-Saving Integrations
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Fuel card integration
More Integration Partners to Choose From
  • Spireon – Fleet Locate
  • Verizon – Fleetmatics
  • Geotab – Fleethoster
  • Wireless Matrix – Calamp
  • EZFleet

Unlock the advantages of our fleet fueling solutions.

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