Quarles History

Quarles History

Douglas Quarles Jr. (left) and Garnet Seay, manager of Quarles station on U.S. 1 in Fredericksburg

What began as a one-truck oil company in 1940 is now a regional provider of fleet fuel, propane and heating oil, fleet card solutions, and commercial fuel services.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Quarles, Sr. purchased Home Oil Company In 1940, which thereafter became the Quarles Oil Company. Over more than seven decades of operation, Quarles has grown into Quarles Petroleum, Inc.

Quarles currently has six division offices throughout the state of Virginia, as well as 125 fleet fueling stations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.


What our customers are saying...

  • We have been doing business with Quarles for the past decade. We have always had outstanding delivery service along with top notch customer service. Quarles has always delivered in a timely fashion and on schedule. Even when we needed immediate service, they have come through for us. We purchase the bulk of our fuel from …

    Karen H Coleman

    President, Eastern Clearing, Inc.

  • Our company cares about three things when we choose a vendor. 1) Friendly service 2) Simple to use products 3) Lowest cost Unfortunately, the nature of the trucking business means that we usually always must choose the lowest cost option, usually at the expense of customer service and simplicity. But Quarles is the exception. Yes, …

    Gabriel Locco

    CFO, Starr Trucking

  • Quarles has been the best company to deal with. I could write a book about all the help we have been given at two different homes. We had major issues with existing supplier at the last home we bought. We called Quarles because we had used them a few years before at another home. Quarles …

    Harrisonburg Customer