Enjoy extra flexibility and shop for the best price on fuel almost anywhere with the Quarles Universal fuel card.

Fuel your way.

Discover how the Quarles Universal card goes beyond universal acceptance to drive cost savings and improve your bottom line.

Convenient Fueling Nationwide

Get access to more than 98% of retail and truck stop brands across the U.S. so you can shop for the best price almost anywhere you travel. Plus, you’ll enjoy fueling at over 175 Quarles commercial fuel sites.

Discounts, Deals, and Rebates

When you fuel up at any of our 175+ Quarles fuel sites, you’ll enjoy no fees. You’ll also be eligible for tiered volume discounts — the more fuel you purchase, the more you save.

Card Limits and Fraud Protection

Set limits on purchases per day and dollars per day, week, and month to control when and how often drivers use their cards. Get peace of mind with fraud alerts to help you track suspicious activity.

Account Management

Get the data you need to manage your account — capture vehicle, driver, product, odometer, gallons, date, time, dollar amount, and location with each fuel card purchase. Enjoy easy access to your account online 24/7.

Optional Vehicle Maintenance

Set optional maintenance purchases for drivers or limit cards to fuel only. A snapshot of the vehicle’s maintenance costs will be available on your invoice.

Quality Customer Service

Experience unparalleled support with our dedicated customer service team, to help you ensure your journey is smooth every step of the way.

Accepted at 98% of nationwide retail sites.

  • ULSD
  • DEF
  • UNL
  • OR
  • RACK
  • MID
  • SNL
  • BIO
  • PRO
  • AUTO

Lower costs with the Universal fuel card.

Shop Around

Wherever you are on the road, you’re not limited to just a couple fuel sites. You can search nationwide for the best price at retail stations and truck stops wherever you travel.

Save Money

Unlock volume discounts. The more you fuel up, the more you save when using your Universal card at any Quarles site.

Account Controls

Take control of your fleet’s spending on the road with easy online account management, detailed invoices, and reports so you get maximum transparency.

Save money on fees.

  • No fees at Quarles fuel sites
  • $0 Set Up Fee
  • $0 Report Fee
  • $0 Invoice Fee
  • $0 Card Order Fee


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