Flexible Fuel Card Options for Virginia Businesses

Within the heart of the East Coast lies Virginia, known for its proximity to the iconic Shenandoah Valley and Appalachian Mountains. For those conducting business and making deliveries throughout the Commonwealth, having access to quality fuel and cost savings on the road is essential. That’s why businesses and fellow drivers in Virginia choose Quarles fleet fueling and fuel card solutions.

If you and/or your business prioritize convenient fuel locations, fuel discounts, universal acceptance, and easy online account management 24/7 — the Quarles fuel card can provide.

Quarles fuel cards are designed to suit all sizes and needs – whether you’re a driver, trucker, owner-operator, small business, medium enterprise, or large company/fleet.

Universal Card

  • Access to 98% of nationwide retail gas stations and truck stops on top of 175+ Quarles commercial fueling sites
  • No fees at Quarles fuel sites
  • 24/7 control and monitoring of your account with online access
  • Volume discounts – the more fuel you use, the more you save

Classic Card

  • 24/7 access to 175+ Quarles commercial fueling sites
  • No fees at Quarles fuel sites
  • Unique fueling controls to limit purchases for each driver on your account
  • Volume discounts- the more fuel you use, the more you save

Over The Road Card

  • Cash price at the pump, wherever you stop
  • Accepted at over 12,000 truck stops nationwide
  • Industry-leading security to control who charges what to your account, and what amounts
  • Mobile app that helps you find the best fuel prices while managing your account on the go

Unlock the advantages of a Quarles fuel card.

Find the Right Fuel Card That Fits Your Business

Looking for a Virginia fuel card, business fleet card, gas card, fleet management card, small business fuel card, gas fleet card, fuel expense card, or anything along those lines? We’ve got you.

Explore and compare fuel cards and see which one is right for you. Whether you operate a small business, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large-scale corporation in Virginia, we’ll help you find the right card to match your requirements and business goals.

All our fuel cards come with the basic and necessary features: organized invoicing, online reporting, automatic notifications, MPG calculations, odometer prompts, transaction limits, time frame limits, product restrictions, card allocation and setup by driver or vehicle, and PIN requirements.

You can fuel up at any 175+ of our commercial fuel sites with any of our cards. Depending on which fuel card you choose, you can also even get additional access to retail gas stations and/or truck stops.

Get Fuel Discounts and Save Money with Quarles Fuel Cards

Tiered volume discounts are available for additional cost savings – just use your Quarles Universal or Classic fuel card at any of our 175+ fueling locations in VA, MD, DE, NM, TX, WV, NC, or PA, and the discount per gallon will be calculated each billing cycle based on the amount of fuel gallons you purchased during that billing cycle.

If you have any questions about any of our card programs, just contact us and a Quarles sales representative can happily assist you.

Use Your Quarles Fuel Card At a Virginia Site Near You

No matter where your business operations or travel routes are, you can use your Quarles fuel card to get gas, diesel, and other fuel for your vehicle almost anywhere in Virginia – whether it’s at a retail gas station with the Quarles Universal card, our Quarles fuel sites with the Quarles Classic card, or at a truck stop with your Quarles OTR card.

We serve the fuel needs of commercial drivers and businesses all throughout Virginia:

Enjoy easy-access, wide fueling lanes for every size vehicle (truck, bus, van, tractor trailers, box truck, etc.) and high-flow and satellite pumps for quick fill ups.

We carry a variety of fuel at most of our sites – from regular unleaded gasoline, premium diesel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), biodiesel, off-road diesel, and more. Check specific fuel type availability at each site.

We also accept most major fleet cards and commercial credit cards – from Voyager®, Fuelman®, EFS®, Wex®, American Express, Mastercard, VISA, Discover®, COMDATA®, and Fleet One.

Discover all 175+ Quarles fuel sites located throughout VA, MD, DE, PA, TX, NM, NC, and WV.

Apply For A Quarles Fleet Card Today

Truck/van/bus fleet drivers, commercial drivers, managers, business owners, truckers, and employees from any sized business – small, medium, or large – looking for a reliable, convenient, and affordable trucking card, gas card, or commercial fuel card to purchase gas, diesel, and other types of fuel with – can better manage and save money on fuel expenses with a Quarles fuel card.

Experience the Quarles difference for yourself when you fuel up at any Quarles fuel site or other retail fueling stations and truck stops beyond Virginia with our Quarles Classic, Universal, or OTR fuel card.

Apply now and once approved, you can start enjoying maximum savings, controls, and convenience.

I have been very happy with the services from Quarles. Quarles is a convenient, reasonably priced solution for fleet services.

Richmond Customer