Propane and Oil Heat Services in Virginia

Published: July 31, 2013

When it comes to something as important as heating your home, reliability and cost effectiveness are likely the two most important things you’re concerned about (other than what fuel you decide on to heat your home, of course). When you really think about it, there’s little worse than running out of fuel on a bitterly cold night, or paying through the nose to make your house comfortable through the challenging winters here in Virginia. That’s why we here at Quarles Petroleum Inc. think we’re the best option in terms of reliability and value when you’re choosing a heating company, whether you’re interested in our propane or oil heat services in Virginia.

When it comes to reliability, Quarles Petroleum Inc. has a lot to offer our customers. If you’ve had experiences in the past of finding out you’re low on fuel when the mercury drops, you should know that Quarles Petroleum clients sleep well at night knowing we’re working for them. We have a No Run-Out Guarantee for our clients who use our propane or heating oil services for their entire home, even during inclement weather. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll never run out of fuel when you work with Quarles Petroleum that if a run-out occurs, we offer a $50 credit applied to your residential account.

But how can we be certain you’ll never need to worry about running out of fuel? Well, we keep an eye your fuel consumption using our “Degree Day” monitoring system. That way, we can coordinate deliveries to your home based on you and your family’s unique, individual needs. What is our Degree Day System? It’s actually really interesting! Our Degree Day System compares the temperature outside your home to data on your family’s typical fuel consumption, so we know when to deliver more fuel based on how much fuel remains in your tank. And you don’t need to worry about us running out of fuel—Quarles Petroleum Inc. owns and operates two local storage facilities for our fuels, with over eight million gallons worth of storage capacity.

Now, what about cost effectiveness? Good news about that, too! Quarles Petroleum Inc. offers lots of different discounts and payment options for our propane or oil heat services in Virginia. Not only do we offer discounts for senior citizens and active duty or retired military personnel, we offer discounts to people interested in our Automatic Payment or Pre-Pay Discount services. We also have a program we call “Buysmart,” where you’ll pay per gallon the posted price, or guaranteed maximum price for your fuel of choice, whichever is less. Our Buysmart program protects your investment in our services between October 1st and May 31st, and if you participate, we include automatic delivery and participation in our budget plan, as a courtesy to you.

If you’re currently dissatisfied with the company supplying your propane or oil heat needs, consider switching toQuarles. It’s easy! A fifteen minute call will be all it takes to switch you over. Give us a ring at 1-800-201-HEAT.