Now that winter is over, spring is here – and it’s the best time to do some spring cleaning on your fleet vehicles. Warmer temperatures and less extreme weather doesn’t mean you should neglect maintenance.

One of the first things you should do is check your windshield wipers. Whether you’ve encountered snow, rain, or sleet – your windshield wipers are the first to take the brunt of winter weather. Make sure that your windshield wipers are clean and operational.

Check your tires. Your tires go through the most wear and tear and abuse during winter. If you’ve equipped snow tires specifically for the past season, now’s the time to switch them out. You should also check the PSI of your tires as warmer temps can affect the air pressure of your tires, causing them to expand. You want to make sure they’re not underfilled nor overfilled.

Inspect your vehicle’s fluids, battery, and any other applicable components of your engine. During the cold winter months, your engine has to work much harder. Make sure you have enough oil, antifreeze, coolant, etc. and inspect its appearance. If it appears murky, sludgy, or has particulates floating around in it, go ahead and replace it. Make sure your vehicle doesn’t have any check engine lights or warnings on the dashboard. Charge and/or replace your vehicle’s battery and other parts in your engine as needed.

Wash your vehicle’s exterior and interior. The salt from the treated roads over the winter can cause rust and corrosion on your vehicle’s undercarriage and other parts. Take this time to remove any dirt or debris and any residue from your vehicle to improve visibility and the overall health of your vehicle and its parts.

These are just the basics when it comes to preparing your fleet for the spring and eventually the summer. Taking care of your vehicle year-round can help prevent issues down the road and optimize your fleet.

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