Frequently asked questions

How do I become a customer?

It couldn’t be easier. Just fill out our online application and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be in touch. If you would rather apply by phone, please call 1-800-201-HEAT.

What if my tank is owned by another company?

Not a problem. If the propane tank currently at your home does not belong to you or to Quarles, we can work with you on getting it switched over. Just give us a call.

Can I manage my account online?

Absolutely. Just click the Sign In link at the top right corner. If you haven’t set up your account yet, you’ll need your phone number and account number to get started. Once you’re logged in, you can view your past payments, pay your bill, schedule your next delivery and more.

Do you offer discounts?

We sure do. Discounts are available to senior citizens and current/former military service members. The maximum discount is $0.05 off per gallon.

How about referral bonuses?

That, too. If you refer someone to us and they enroll in automatic deliveries of primary home heat, we’ll give you a $100 credit on your account. Just make sure they list your name on the referral section of their application.

Do you offer budget payment plans?

Of course. Quarles offers a payment plan that lets you spread your payments out over the course of the year based on your estimated usage. There is no fee to participate—just call us at 1-800-201-HEAT for details.

We can also protect you from fluctuating fuel prices with our price protection programs, which provide price protection when fuel costs rise. If prices drop, you’ll pay the lesser amount.

How do you estimate my monthly payment for a budget payment plan?

We will estimate your fuel usage for the plan period based on several factors, including tank size, usage history and application (for example, home heating or appliances). We then divide the estimated cost of your fuel into 11 monthly payments, with one month at the end of each plan period to settle any outstanding costs. This 11-month plan allows you to pay less each month to keep your monthly costs low.

How do I avoid owing money at the end of the budget payment plan period?

Our goal throughout the year is to minimize any settlement payments needed, so we’ll review your payment amounts mid-season and make any adjustments if necessary. If you anticipate a large change in your fuel consumption, please call us to discuss options that may meet your needs. You can always pay more than the recommended budget amount if you want to minimize your settlement balance. However, it is important to make your payment each month, even if you have a credit.

What if I pay too much/too little on my payment plan?

If at any time during the budget season you have a credit balance, your account will earn interest and build up funds toward your next delivery. If you have a debit balance, all payments will go toward paying down your balance for past deliveries.

At times your budget plan will have a credit balance because your monthly payments are building up funds for your next delivery. If there is a credit balance at the end of the budget season, it will carry (with interest earned) into the next budget season. You must pay all budget payments in order to keep receiving deliveries.

What about deliveries during my settlement period?

Deliveries made during your settlement period will roll into your next budget plan year.

How does Quarles keep me and my family safe?

Our environmental safety engineers and operations managers work every day to make sure our products are delivered in compliance with the highest industry safety standards. All propane or oil heat deliveries are subject to compliance with the following safety standards:

  • Leak check to test the integrity of propane piping prior to first delivery
  • Basement oil tank inspection to test the integrity of the oil tank prior to first delivery
  • Customer safety education and awareness
  • Cathodic protection to test all underground propane storage tanks
  • Checking for CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) in gas piping
Does Quarles provide need-based heating?

We are proud to partner with the United Way each winter to provide fuel to local families in need through the Quarles Heating Assistance Program. This program enables residential customers to receive the fuel they need to keep their homes warm. Quarles contributes $15,000 to the program annually, and matches donations to the program up to an additional $5,000. You can make a donation through your online account in the billing section. 100% of donations go to help someone in need.

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