Benefits of On-Site Fueling

When it comes to managing your fleet, convenience is key. On-site fueling is offered as an alternative solution to businesses to help reduce costs and maintenance by installing a fueling station on site.

So, what are the benefits to using on-site fueling compared to fueling up on the road?

It saves time. Fuel gets delivered to your business during your downtime, so that drivers can fuel up ahead of time and spend less time having to fuel up on the road and more time carrying out your business’s operations.

It saves money. Off site fuel can be subject to fluctuations, but typically, if you choose to have your fuel delivered on-site, it can give you more control over these costs. You can also track and monitor fuel usage this way as well, allowing you to save more.

It reduces maintenance. Since your fleet vehicles aren’t spending as much time on the road refueling, they’re not accumulating as many miles when fueling on site. This can reduce wear and tear on your vehicles and therefore the need for costly maintenance and repairs.

It offers you the most control and customization. You can control your inventory, where it goes, and how much. You’ll get your fuel delivered on a consistent basis and you’ll know exactly where your fuel is being purchased from, ensuring quality and consistency.

If you choose Quarles for on-site fueling, we’ll install, maintain and service your fueling station in many states across the United States including, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Texas, New Mexico and West Virginia. Apply now at or for more information, call us at 877-444-3835.