Choosing the best fleet fueling card

Fleet fueling cards are a credit card solution offered to businesses who spend a significant amount on fuel each year. These cards are usually handed down to employees who use and operate company vehicles. Besides making it more convenient for the business’s employees to pay for fuel purchases as they’re on the go, they can be used to control, track, and report those expenses in real time.

Applying for fuel cards for all your employees can help you track and minimize all of their expenses instead of having to do so manually for each one. These cards are usually tied to each individual employee or vehicle so that you know who is purchasing fuel, where, and how much. Fuel cards are different from typical credit cards in the sense that their functionality is limited to certain purchases by product type and at times, by use only at certain locations that are owned and operated by the card issuer.

Some fuel cards can be used to pay for not only gas but vehicle repairs and maintenance, as well as gas station convenience store purchases. If you’re a business owner, you get to decide what purchases can be authorized and how much. Besides controlling and tracking expenses, fuel cards are beneficial in the fact that they can provide fraud alerts, detailed reporting, and offer savings, rebates, or various incentives and perks.

The key factors you need to think about when choosing the right fuel card for you may consist of operating territory (where you anticipate your drivers will use their fuel cards), how much you typically spend on fuel, other costs, and what benefits and perks you want to prioritize for your fleet. Each fleet fueling card comes with its own unique set of advantages and features.

Every fleet is unique. Whether you’re looking for convenient locations, fuel discounts, universal acceptance or easy online account management — Quarles has the right fuel card for you. Visit our website at to learn more or call us at 877-444-3835.