Fuel Card Controls and Restrictions: Explained

Whether you’re a small business, lone driver, or medium to large enterprise, it’s important to keep an eye on your fuel expenses. With the right controls, you can not only streamline business operations but drive costs back. That’s why our fuel cards come equipped with a range of controls and restrictions designed to enhance efficiency and accountability. Here are a couple of many popular features across our fuel cards:

Hard Locks

Hard locks serve as a first line of defense against unauthorized fuel purchases. By restricting card usage to approved locations and fuel types, hard locks help prevent fraud and ensure compliance with company policies. You can set specific parameters, such as geographic boundaries or time-of-day restrictions.

Gallon Limits

Gallon limits allow you to control the volume of fuel purchased per transaction or per day. By setting limits, businesses can prevent excessive fueling and detect unusual fuel consumption patterns. Gallon limits help curb fuel theft, reduce fuel waste, and promote responsible fueling behavior among drivers.

Transaction/Dollar Limits

Transaction and dollar limits provide additional layers of control over fuel expenses. You can cap the amount spent per transaction or per billing cycle, ensuring that fuel purchases remain within the limits you set.

Exception Reports

Exception reports can help you detect suspicious transactions, such as multiple fuelings within a short time frame or fuel purchases outside of designated areas. Exception reports help identify potential fraud or misuse of fuel cards.

MPG Calculations

MPG calculations provide visibility into vehicle fuel efficiency and performance. By tracking fuel consumption and mileage data, you can optimize route planning and identify opportunities for fuel savings.

Odometer Prompts

Odometer prompts prompt drivers to input vehicle mileage at the time of fueling, enabling accurate tracking of vehicle usage and maintenance schedules. By capturing odometer readings in real-time, fleet managers can monitor vehicle performance, schedule preventive maintenance, and identify potential issues before they escalate. Odometer prompts facilitate proactive fleet management and help extend the lifespan of fleet assets.

At Quarles, we understand the importance of fuel management. That’s why our fuel cards offer customizable controls and restrictions such as these, to ensure that businesses have all the tools they need to optimize their fueling operations.

Combined with our extensive network of over 175 fueling sites across the nation, equipped with high-flow pumps for faster fueling and card readers with wider acceptance, we’re committed to providing you with a comprehensive solution for all your fueling needs. Call us today or explore our website to learn more about what we have to offer.