How fleet fueling cards work

Fleet fueling cards are more than just a regular credit card. They’re offered to businesses who spend a significant amount on fuel for their fleet. Fleet fueling cards are mainly used to pay for fuel and maintenance, but the key is the ability for fleet businesses to control, track, and report these expenses in real time.

Once a fleet business signs up for fleet fueling cards, they can typically get access to a network of gas stations and merchants in order to fuel up and take care of maintenance on the road. Each fleet fueling card is built differently and comes with its own set of benefits and perks.

Employees carry these cards with them as they drive and carry out work. These cards are usually tied to each individual employee or vehicle so that you know who is purchasing fuel, where, and how much.

But, you might be wondering: how do these fleet fuel cards work exactly, from the business’s side to the employee’s side as they’re on the road?

  1. Fleet owners set controls and limits on how and when the card can be used. This can be anything from time frame limits, transaction/dollar limits, product restrictions, and more.
  2. At the pump, drivers swipe the card then enter their pin, odometer number, and truck number, and fuel up.
  3. After the driver is done fueling, this transaction data automatically gets recorded/uploaded.
  4. Transactions will show up either as an e-receipt, or on an invoice or report at the end of the billing period.
  5. Fleet owners can then access this information, make payments, and manage accounts online.

As you can see, fuel cards can simplify the process of purchasing fuel when it comes to multiple vehicles and employees. They keep fleet owners aware of what’s happening with their fleet, big or small.

Every fleet is unique. Whether you’re looking for convenient locations, fuel discounts, universal acceptance or easy online account management — Quarles has the right fuel card for you. Visit our website at to learn more or call us at 877-444-3835.