Benefits of using premium fuel for your fleet

If you’re a fleet owner, there are lots of important decisions you need to make for your fleet operations. You may be wondering about different ways to improve your fleet’s efficiency and longevity. The type of fuel you choose to fuel your vehicles can make a huge impact. Premium diesel is one of the best fuel options you can pick to power your vehicles. Here are three reasons why.

It can keep your engine clean. Premium diesel contains detergents and additives that can prevent buildup and wear and tear on your engine parts. Cleaner parts means less downtime and less maintenance needed on your vehicle so you can keep it on the road longer.

It delivers more power and better fuel economy. Tests with premium diesel have shown up to a 4.5% increase in engine power and 5% increase in fuel economy compared to using regular diesel fuel. Due to its higher cetane rating (measurement of quality and performance of diesel fuel), it can promote quicker start-ups. Because premium diesel helps your engine run more faster, cleaner, and stronger, it can greatly improve your vehicle’s mpg (miles per gallon).

It extends your engine’s storage life and works better compared to standard diesel. Over time, your fuel pump and injectors can accumulate dirt, moisture, and other elements that can wear down your engine’s performance and reliability. Standard diesel doesn’t contain any additives that prevent corrosion, varnish and gum formation, and moisture accumulation – while premium diesel does.

Premium diesel fuels can vary by supplier. If you’re on the hunt for premium diesel, look no further. Quarles fueling stations come equipped with a variety of diesel options for your fleet. Call us at 877-444-3835 to find out more about what we can do for your fleet, or visit our website at