Choosing Propane Over Electric Heat For Your Home

When deciding what heating system is best for your home—propane heat or electric heat—you may want to do a little research on your own. While there are many scientific and technical differences, building professionals and experts offer a simple answer based on general consensus across the industry.

Homeowners want to make the most efficient and economical choice, and choosing Quarles as your propane provider will ensure you enjoy a warm, happy home through a long, cold winter ahead. While electric heat is a sound choice, propane heat is the most efficient option. Not only is propane less expensive, but propane heats your home more effectively and more quickly.

Propane furnaces provide warmer heated air than electric air source heat pumps. When considering fact versus myth, the reality is that propane furnaces operate independently from outdoor conditions. A propane furnace simply heats the indoor air, regardless of outdoor temperatures. Heat pumps can be less comfortable and less efficient, because they draw from a cooler outdoor air source. During the cold winter season, you can always rely on either of these options to heat your home. However, with propane heat you’ll experience a much more comfortable and efficient indoor climate compared to electric heat.

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